Robert Bagwell, Computer Science Instructor at Rogue Community College

Robert Bagwell is a Computer Science Instructor at Rogue Community College located in Grants Pass Oregon

robert bagwell rogue community college

Robert is an experienced educator and industry professional with successful technology start-up and large company field operations and corporate strategy experience; including sales and service management, business development and strategic partnering, mergers and acquisition and corporate marketing experience. Expertise at the intersection of technology, privacy law, and security.

On Interdisciplinary Education and Why the


Past clients include:

Retail – Safeway, Longs Drugs, Thrifty Payless, Wal-Mart, Target, Best-Buy, Costco, Nike, Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, Borders Books, Rite-Aid, Costco, Kashi Company, Albertsons, Associated Grocers, Associated Foods, Macy, Home Depot, ROSS, A&F, Walgreens, CVS, Starbucks, Nordstrom, REI Coop, Carrefour, GAP, Eddie Bauer, Gallo, Dole, Del-Monte
Manufacturing and Transportation – Con-Way, Boeing, Freightliner, GM, Chrysler, Ford, Emery Worldwide, UPS, FedEx, US Post Office, Canada Post, and Old Dominion Freight
Hotels – Marriott, Hilton, Four Seasons, Disney, and Wynn Resorts
Military – U.S. Navy, Naval Facilities, Army, AAFES

Semi-retired from industry and pursuing passion of teaching full time at Rogue Community College in Southern Oregon.

Specialties include

– Corporate Strategic Planning
– Retail Sector Expertise
– Experienced Teacher – Programming, DBMS, Business Strategy, MIS
– Marketing and Sales Strategy development
– SEO, Web Analytics, Privacy, Do Not Track functionality
– Financial Planning, Funding Proposals – Spreadsheets
– RFID, RTLS, Encryption, Security, Privacy
– Visual Studio, Web Authoring, JavaScript, DBMS

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