Road Map

Road Map to Web Professional Careers, Education and Training

“Now more than any time is the perfect time to consider a career in the Web profession. I don’t see that going anywhere anyhow changing at any point in time in the near future anything it is just going to ramp up.” Scott Fegette, Dreamweaver Product Manager, Adobe Systems Inc.

Careers in the Web Profession

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Commonly known Career titles in the Web Profession include:

* Web Designers
* Web Developers
* Webmasters
* Web Marketers
* E-Commerce Specialist
* Search Specialist
* Web Content Specialist
* Social Media Specialist
* Info Tech Specialist
* New Media Specialist

Things to consider when exploring careers in the Web profession are:

• Do you have an interest in the technology and how things work underneath the hood? If so, maybe you would like to focus on Web development.

• Are you more visual and artistic? Do you prefer to focus on the look and the feel of things? If so, maybe you should consider becoming a designer?

• Are you business savvy? If so, maybe you would prefer interacting with clients to establish and negotiating pricing, contracts, legal issues etc. If so, maybe Web consulting is best suited for you?

• Many Web professionals consider themselves generalist and serve as the “general contractor” of the Web. Web Consultants for example play a vital role within the Web profession as they serve to work with clients and creative and technical Web professionals alike.

• Most Web professionals work for small businesses. As a result, you will be required to wear multiple hats since most small businesses don’t have the luxury or the financial capability to pay for a team of specialist.

• Do you prefer to work on your own? Then maybe freelancing and being on your own maybe the best thing for you?

Top Skills in Demand

* Graphic Design
* Article writing for the Web
* Web marketing and consulting
* Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
* Social Media (including Blogs, Facebook and Twitter)
* Open Source Technologies
* User Interface Design
* Web Standards ad Web Accessibility
* Mobile Application Development

Demand for Web professionals

Solid demand in 2011 for web design and development, e-commerce applications and systems, and business intelligence skills and competencies will continue to boost related jobs in 2011.Foote Partners 2011 IT Predictions

For a complete breakdown of the job titles and career paths visit the School of Web Careers site.