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Additional Resources Reserved for Educator Members

To take advantage of the following additional resources educators are encouraged to join the organization. The fees are nominal ($49.00 USD) and the benefits are great. We also provide scholarships for waiving this fee. Contact us for additional details.

Here’s what you will receive:

* A White Paper on Making your Business Case and Rationale for Establishing your Web Professional Program at your school or campus
* Access to open source and free classroom tools
* In depth curriculum frameworks
* Discounts on professional development resources and training
* Professional networking opportunities
* Access to assessment and certification resources

Specifically you will receive

A guide to help you build your Web Program

* A step by step guide to help you to identify potential stakeholders
* Building a common vision
* Getting buy in
* Building passion and commitment
* Building an interdisciplinary team
* Identifying available resources
* Identifying and recruiting your advisory team
* Building your Web professional program

Classroom Tools

* Web professional education framework (including student learning outcomes and objectives)
* Recommended education resources including free curriculum and starter kits

Discounted Professional Development

* Fundamentals of Web Design (XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop, Web Security, Web Project Management, Web Marketing, and WOW Certification Option)
* HTML5 Instructor Led Short Course – Get a Jump on the Next Generation of HTML
* Web Accessibility (part 1)Web accessibility refers to the practice of making websites usable by people of all abilities and disabilities. When sites are correctly designed, developed and edited, all users including search engines can have equal access to information and functionality
* Introduction to PHP – Learn the basics of working with server side scripting languages through an introduction to the PHP language.
* Introduction to Networking and Security Learn the basics of networking with web security.
* Introduction to JavaScript Learn the basics of client side scripting through an introduction to JavaScript.
* Joomla Fundamentals
* WordPress Fundamentals
* Drupal Fundamentals

Member Discounts members enjoy a variety of discounts including:

* Certification
* Continuing Education
* Workshops
* Discounts on various products and services from third party companies

Networking Opportunities keeps you in touch with your peers and Web professional leaders from across the U.S. This is important for those of you who want to make a difference. The network provides you with information about issues affecting education. The network enables you to acquire valuable contacts who can share their experience and expertise with you.

Certification Web professional certification is a powerful opportunity for individuals aspiring to be or already working as a Web professional educator. Working with experts within industry, education and government, has created a series of vendor neutral industry standard certification exams.

Why Join?

When you join, you join an organization that has been the voice of Web professionals and those that teach since 1997. During that time, has worked to unify Web professional education and to advocate on behalf of the profession and we need your support to continue.


WOW gladly accepts government or academic purchase orders. Please mail and fax the invoice to the number and address listed on our contact page. Additionally, if you would prefer to send a check, please print out this page and mail it to us at:

P.O. Box 1743
Folsom, CA 95763

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