Course and Grading Policies, Reading and Homework Assignment Requirements

Course and Grading Policies, Reading and Homework Assignment Requirements

Course Policies:

Each week, Wednesday, before 10 AM EST, these items will be posted for the week’s class:

  1. A lecture with reading assignment
  2. The week’s homework assignment

Assignment Policy

Assignments should be emailed to:

Web PM Assignment

Weekly assignments are due no later than Tuesday at midnight Eastern Standard Time, US.

After your assignment is reviewed, you will receive an email with feedback. Only in the case of a misunderstanding of the assignment might you be asked to resubmit the assignment. If that occurs and you wish to resubmit the assignment for feedback please reply to the email asking you to do so — that will help me keep track of your progress.

You may see a day or two span between your posting your assignment and my reviewing it.

Sharing homework assignments

Many students enjoy reading the other students’ assignments. However, since the homework may contain information that students or their companies prefer to remain confidential. Therefore, homework assignments will only be posted if students volunteer to share their assignments. If you wish to have your assignment available for other students to read please send an email indicating that it is okay to post your assignments.

Grading Policy

To pass the course: Students must have submitted four of the five weekly assignments on time (making any required corrections in a reasonably timely manner), and successfully completed the final assignment before the absolute deadline of October 15.

If you have any questions about navigating through the class pages, please email me.


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