Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus

Syllabus – Web Project Management Essentials

This course is a six-session Web Project Management that provides a Web professional with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Web Project Management and insight on how to continue to keep current about Web Project Management best practices and technologies.

Applicable Job Roles

  • Web content managers
  • Project managers
  • Small Web design firms
  • Web designers, programmers
  • Web team leaders


This online class assumes the student works in the Web field and possesses an understanding of fundamental Web technologies.

Who Should Attend

This on-line course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning how Web Project Management techniques can help improve the effectiveness of their Web team’s efforts.

Learning Objectives 

  1. Understand the role of the Web Project Manager
  2. Develop a familiarity with the various Web Project Management approaches such as waterfall, agile, hybrid and customized approaches
  3. Understand the Web Project Manager’s role in the typical Web Project Management stages
  4. Become familiar with Web Project Management tools and technology
  5. Learn to customize and continually improve documents/templates
  6. Develop a plan for staying current in the field

Textbook: “Interactive Project Management: Pixels, People, and Process” by Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker”

Class Outline:

Class 1: Why Projects Fail 

Reading: Chapters 1-3 (Background and History of Web Project Management)


  • How Web Projects are different
  • Reasons Projects Fail

ASSIGNMENT: Describe and analyze a failed project


Class 2: Developing a Strategy for Success

Reading: Chapter 4,5 (Communication and Process)


  • Approaches to Managing Web Projects (Waterfall, Agile, Hybrid)
  • Introduction to Web Project Management – a 5 stage approach
  • Customizing a process to your needs

ASSIGNMENT: Describe your current process and how it might be approved. If you don’t have a current process, specify which process would be most appropriate for your organization.


Class 3: Web Project Management Essentials 1

Reading: Chapter 6,7,8 (Project Prep, Definition and Production)


  • Setting expectations, maintaining awareness of status, achieving consensus
  • Risk Management
  • Eliminate assumptions, get approvals
  • How to get content on time
  • The impact of Change Requests on budgets

ASSIGNMENT: Describe the strategy you will use to ensure content is delivered on time. Describe your strategy for ensuring you do not exceed your project budget.


Class 4:  Web Project Management Essentials 2

Reading: Chapter 9,10,11 (Staging, Launch and Closure)


  • Templates save time, customize them for your needs
  • Using Lessons Learned for accurate forecasting, budget preparation and reducing risk
  • Documenting Lessons Learned

ASSIGNMENT: Create a Documentation Plan identifying which if any templates you will use in your Web Project Process


Class 5:  Introducing Web Project Management to your organization

Readings: Online articles


  • Strategies for introducing Web Project Management to your organization

ASSIGNMENT: Drawing on your readings, lecture notes and assignments/feedback, describe changes you will make when managing future Web projects


Class 6: Your Development Plan 


Staying Current with the latest trends in Web Project Management

Readings: Online articles

  • Social Media resources
  • Industry Experts to follow
  • Online resources
  • Essential Technology and Tools


  • Create a 15 minute a day checklist for staying current with the latest Web Project Management trends/techniques/tools

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