Contributors/Partners Wanted

Content Contributors and Partners wanted to unify Web professional education seeks community involvement from practicing Web professionals and partners to support the initiative.

What is the all about?

Leading Web professionals with expertise in Computer Science, Art and Interactive Design, business, education and government have come together to collaborate on a new initiative that will help advocate on behalf of and support interdisciplinary education in the areas of Web design, technology, and business.

The goal of the initiative is to support students and teachers with an advanced interdisciplinary education ecosystem that is able to refresh itself with technology and design talent, creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. The membership supported organization is pleased to announce the formation and the to foster improvements in interdisciplinary education within secondary and post-secondary education with pathways to jobs.

Why is this important?

The initiative is responding to a crisis of record unemployment, a higher than average dropout rate and U.S. government studies predicting a significant shortage of technology and New Media professionals within the next three to five years. The new initiative is designed to address the shortage of technology professionals and to answer the question, “Why Consider a Career in the Web Profession?”

“In order for the U.S. to continue to lead the world in innovation and creativity, we must develop an advanced information technology ecosystem that is able to refresh itself with technology and design talent and creative thinkers and entrepreneurs.” said Bill Cullifer, WOW Executive Director and

How will we accomplish our goals?

The initiative will advocate and promote interdisciplinary education and development and teacher resources that will support students in the classroom. It also will:

.Develop an effective communication strategy to articulate why interdisciplinary education is good for business, commerce, competitiveness and jobs
.Collaboration: Improve collaboration between the Computer Science, Art and Business departments within secondary and higher education
.Improve collaboration between K-12, community colleges, 4-year colleges, universities, businesses, and government
.Aggregate an effective advocacy effort with state and national policy makers on behalf of the Web professional community in communities around the globe
.Deploy relevant, workable, accessible instructional design strategies for learners (traditional and online methods) in partnership with education including high schools, community colleges and universities

What we need from you?

  • Calling all teachers that have an interest in or currently teaching Web professional topics. We need to hear from you!
  • Calling all industry professionals to provide content, articles and blog post, guest appearance in the classroom, internships and mentoring.
  • Calling all program managers, administrators and policy decision makers. Interdisciplinary education matters and we need your support!

Now, more than ever, we need people like you to help ensure our success.

Please contact us for additional information and how you can get involved with this important initiative.

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