Laverne E. Denyer, Teacher River Valley High School

Laverne DenyerTeacher River Valley High School Yuba City, CA. Executive Committee Member

CTE Department Chair, Teacher, Web Site Coordinator, WASC Co-Coordinator, A-G Coordinator, Career Pathways Coordinator River Valley High School Yuba City, CA

Laverne also serves as Career Technology Education (CTE) Content Area Lead and acts as the Business Department’s Lead, as part of CTE.
Web Site Coordinator. She works with site personnel and District Webmaster in developing a revised web site for River Valley High School. The design developed in collaboration with the District Webmaster was subsequently adopted for the Yuba City High School’s web site. Also act as a liaison and coordinator for updates of the site, and developing sub-sites for CTE and FBLA.
Meet and Consult Team Member. Part of team that evaluates and recommends curriculum proposals, textbook proposals, grading schedules, and other district-wide considerations for Board approval.
CTE (Career Technology Education) Advisory Team Member. Part of the district-wide advisory team that reviews, recommends, and supports programs and resources for Career Technology Education district-wide.

As Technology Team Member, she’s part of the team that reviews and recommends technology strategies and practices for the district.
ROP Teacher: Business, Family and Consumer Science, and Art courses. Including: Web Page Design, Keyboarding, Computer Applications, Advanced MS Office Applications, Digital Photography, 3D Animation, Interior Design, Decorative Arts, Child Development, and Life Management I and II.
WASC Co-Coordinator. Research, gather and disaggregate data, coordinate study teams, coordinate writing, co-write Action Plan, format report, coordinate Visiting Committee visit, follow-up duties as required.

Common High School Schedule – District. Part of District-wide study and advisory team charged with investigating options for the revision of daily schedules for comprehensive high schools within the district.

Career Pathways Team Member – District. Work with district vision, goals and processes for developing Career Pathways within the district
Career Pathways Team Coordinator – Site. School in process of evaluating content areas and specific programs that are ready to become Career Pathways, and prioritize those that are nearly ready. Work with content area teams in the development and implementation process.
A-G Co-Coordinator – Site. Work to bring as many courses as possible into compliance and approval status for UC A-G.
Organized and developed budget appropriations of Perkins funds since spring of 2009.

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