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HTML5 is fast emerging technology standard and now is the time to be learning these best practices to get a head of the curve. HTML5 aims to improve the language with support for the latest multimedia while keeping it easily readable by humans and consistently understood by computers and devices such as web browsers, parsers etc.) Consider what has happened in the past – it was the “wild west” – everyone was doing what they thought best, but with many inconsistencies.

As a result, many web professionals and many sites did not meet minimal web standards. has spent well over a decade promoting web standards and working with many entities and organizations. In conjunction with the U.S. Department of Labor, has also helped standardize web professional position titles (such as web designer, web developer, and webmaster).

Why HTML5? Watch this three minute video: (Winners of the Why HTML5 challenge)


Introducing the HTML5 Course Deliverables

This is not your average online course. Unlike online courses that are self-directed with nothing but a bunch of text on the screen to read, the HTML5 course is highly interactive. The HTML5 course is also asynchronous meaning you can complete various sections of the course at the times that make sense to you. In fact, the HTML5 course is designed for the busy professional that enjoys and prefers an anywhere any time solution. The HTML5 participant can start and stop at any time with ample time to complete the course. The HTML5 learning environment supports asynchronous learning methods that include a clearly defined syllabus, structured modules with email interaction with the instructor, online discussion boards and blogs.

For example, here is what you get:

• Instructional curriculum designed to be easy to digest and follow
• A dedicated instructor who is tracking your progress and will answer your questions in a timely fashion
• 8 individualized modules complete with course outline, learning objectives and study material
• Flexible learning strategies for self-pace learning or a structured pace provided by the instructor
• Courses modules arranged by day complete with audio overview
• Reference material
• Real world working examples
• A discussion forum
• A lab/challenge setup
• Web logs/blogs to reflect on what you’ve learned
• Assessment resources
•Comprehensive test your thinking quiz

More than just a bunch of links and website reading materials this course provides a hands-on approach to instruction. You’ll get instructor and administration support, audio, video and “test your thinking” quiz.

Specifically, course participants will learn:

• About enhancements to web accessibility and ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications).
• About how to employ the new form attributes (with graceful degradation for browsers with limited or no support).
• About how to incorporate rich media (audio and video) with graceful degradation in older browsers.
• About current tools and libraries which can be employed to provide support for older browsers.
• About how to employ local storage (for devices which support this technology).
• About the fundamentals of the : element and contrast that with SVG (scalable vector graphics) and the basics of manipulating the canvas element with JavaScript.

What you receive:

Access to 2 full weeks of courses which you can take at your own pace – These courses contain a wealth of information and support.

Instructor – Mark DuBois. Mark serves as the Director of Education for and has been teaching Web technologies for over a decade. He also teaches classes for fellow faculty members every year within the state of Illinois. Prior to 1999 he worked in various roles in Information Technology. He has been working with HTML since 1992. Mark developed his first commercial web site in 1995. He established the first accredited degree in web systems in the U.S. He also established the first accredited degree in rich Internet application development (a full year before the term AJAX was coined).

Who should take this course?

• Aspiring Web Designers and Developers
• Practicing professionals looking to validate their skills
• Educators teaching web professional topics


It is assumed participants in this class have some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (not extensive knowledge, but some exposure).

Cost is $275.00 for non-WOW Members and $225.00 for WOW Members Register Today!

Payment Options:

You can pay by credit card in a secure setting. We accept VISA, MC and Amex.


* We utilize the secure services of with a simple check. The benefit of this simple check out is that we do not collect any of your credit card information. In fact, we never see, touch or store your credit card information.
* One of the disadvantages of the above is that the payment form that we use is limited to the name of the person paying for the course. If you are registering for someone else or multiple course takers, please add their contact names and e-mail addresses to our contact us page. Also, if you have anything that you would like to add please do so in the notes field.
* If you need any assistance with this process please do not hesitate to call us at 916 989-2933 or send us a note on the contact us page.

For Members $225.00

For non Non Members 275.00

What Course Participants are Saying

Well this course was exactly what I needed, a real-world exploration of HTML5. The resources such as Dive Into HTML5 and helped out a lot. I needed something to cut through all of the noise out there about HTML5. I feel much more confident now that I can outline an html5 page and embed audio and video in the best way currently possible. Local Storage is just awesome, much better than cookies, although hackers will probably ruin this feature with their exploits.

I could go on and on about what I learned, but I think it’s apparent from my html5 page that I learned a lot and can start to use these features (some with fallbacks) today.

Larry Ball, KW DIgital Media

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