Gary Page, Consultant California Department of Education

Gary Page, Information Technology Consultant – California Department of Education (CDE)

Gary Page is the Information Technology Consultant for the California Department of Education, providing curriculum information, resources and support to teachers and schools throughout California. As the IT Sector lead consultant, Gary serves as liaison/advisor/facilitator to industry groups, associations, committees, labor unions, etc., to promote effective career pathways. Gary provides leadership and advocacy for actions that foster educational excellence to support students’ goals for college and career.

On IT, ICT, Web and Interdisciplinary Education



Many of the better paying occupations in the Information Technology Sector require instruction that is provided at college. A report by the Public Policy Institute of California forecasts we will require an additional one million college graduates by 2025 to meet workforce needs. Providing students access to and completion in college is one of the most important ways we can ensure California’s prosperity.

California is:

40th in the nation in the number of students who go directly from high school to college;
41st in the nation in the number of baccalaureate degrees awarded per 100 undergrads;
46th among states in college completion.

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