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Educator Tool Kit Resources for Community College Instructors at a Glance

What’s Inside:

* Lesson Plans and Activities

Click here for access to lesson plans for the classroom

* Blog

Click here to check out and subscribe to the Blog complete with syndicated content from some of the best known Web professionals from around the globe.

* Industry Professional Perspectives

Click here to learn from leading Industry Professionals and glean from their perspectives on a wide variety of topics: Web Professional Industry Blogs and Syndicated Feeds

* Web Professional Jobs and Occupational Career Guide

Click here to learn to learn Web Professional Jobs and Occupational Briefings complete with interviews of practicing professionals talking about their jobs, the skills required and advice for aspiring Web professionals: Resources including Interviews of What Web Pro’s do

* Web Professional News for the Web Developer

Click here to learn about Web centric news covering the Web development topics: Web Developer Centric News

* Scan Hundreds of Third Party Training Videos Sorted by Web Centric Topics

Click here to learn about third party Web centric video training resources covering a wide variety of Web centric topics: Third Party Web Professional Videos

Note: Please be aware that many of the video’s posted have not been reviewed by our editors. As a result, we ask that if you find one of the videos to be inappropriate please let us know. For the benefit of others we also ask that you rate the video’s with the rating tools provided with each post.

Search by Area of Interest:

Web Design
Web Development
Web Server Administration
Web Business (Search, Web Law, Project Management Etc)
E-Commerce Developer
Content Management Systems
Adobe for Educators

Hot Topics

* Color Theory
* CSS3
* Mobile Application Development
* E-Commerce Developer
* JavaScript
* Adobe Photoshop
* Adobe Dreamweaver
* JQuery
* Responsive Web Design
* Tim Berners-Lee

* Stay current with the organization blog complete with interviews covering a wide variety of Web centric topics

Click here to learn about Web centric news from the association blog Stay Current with

If you have a lesson plan or an article of interest that you would like to contribute please contact us and let us know.

Additional External Resources Provided by

Web Professional Directory

Get Noticed by Publishing your Web Business on the WebProfessional Directory

Web Professional Jobs

Post your Resume and Check out the Web Professional Jobs

Web Professional Career Guide

Check out the resources on the Web Professional Career Guide complete with interviews of Web professionals and salary guides

External Links

* Additional Resources: WebProfessional Directory ( External Link)
* Additional Resources: Web Professional Jobs ( External Link )
* Additional ResourcesWeb Professional Career Guide ( External Link)

Coming soon

Here’s what you will receive:

* A White Paper on Making your Business Case and Rationale for Establishing your Web Professional Program at your school or campus
* Access to open source and free classroom tools
* In depth curriculum frameworks
* Discounts on professional development resources and training
* Professional networking opportunities
* Access to assessment and certification resources

Specifically you will receive

A guide to help you build your Web Program

* A step by step guide to help you to identify potential stakeholders
* Building a common vision
* Getting buy in
* Building passion and commitment
* Building an interdisciplinary team
* Identifying available resources
* Identifying and recruiting your advisory team
* Building your Web professional program Student Learning Outcomes

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