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The and its organizational sponsor would like to thank and acknowledge the following Education Alliance members for their support of the initiative.

Illinois Central College Web Professional Academy*
Cerro Coso Community College
Rogue Community College
Riverland Community College

What is the Education Alliance program all about?


Benefits and Advantages of Becoming a WOW Web Professional Academy or Education Alliance Member:

* Exposure for your Web Program: Your high school or college will be recognized as a leader in the Web profession and improving student programs and pathways
* Relevant Skills: Sponsored by the the resources are based on years of research of the needs and skills required employers and managers
* Collaboration with Business and Industry: Provides for collaboration with business and industry that is consistent with the mission of educational institutions and can important part of your grant process
* Collaboration with your Peers: Provides for collaboration with peers within the, the Web Professional Academy program and Education Alliance network

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