XHTML Tutorial – Introduction

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24 thoughts on “XHTML Tutorial – Introduction

  1. bmxchamp4

    Hello all! I am also releasing multiple chapters of HTML and XHTML with some basic CSS included. I will release an entire tutorial on CSS later down the road. As well as any tutorials anyone requests. If this offer interests you at all then plz subscribe and stay tuned

  2. ZePauloRA

    Guys, please wake up-.- this is from 2 years ago!! chrome 2 years ago?? please think before you post

  3. HipHopLegend3000

    It’s still first on the download list on Cnet Download but it’s named Notepad++ and it’s current version is 5.6.8.

  4. Olev777

    XHTML wiki article says it best: “In 2009, the W3C allowed the XHTML 2 Working Group’s charter to expire, acknowledging that HTML 5 would be the sole next-generation HTML standard, including both XML and non-XML serializations.”

  5. ooohlaalaah

    i have a mac, my text editor is like the notepad, but for what you recommend, i don’t know what to download

  6. Lacrossgeek1

    I tried to use html a few years back, and even though its time consuming and not really user friendly, you can be more creative, I’m going to try to learn xhtml also for highschool and college

  7. eArtrash

    I’m thinking about doing an open university course in web deign, it teaches XHTML. looking forward to learning this stuff

  8. holyguitar90

    WRONG….. Xhtml is a hole new file tpye… it opens the door for java or no less……. high graphics too

  9. JohnnyHMV1

    In order to make site which is similar to FaceBook,Myspace etc..you will need team of really smart guys/girls, ton of money to pay all stuff and really really lot time.
    Its not all xhtml, there is php,java..etc..

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