Wix: Do-It-Yourself Web Design

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18 thoughts on “Wix: Do-It-Yourself Web Design

  1. pinkandpurpleshoes2

    @WebkinzDazzle126 its easy!…. go to buttons click the button then below click link… then add a page! its that simple! if u still dont understand PM ME! 🙂

  2. winsum4

    @CurFar find a game you like online, there might be somthing below it that says
    “embed this to your stie” copy the code below it and then open up the editing page for your site, on the bar on the left it should have a section that says widgets, at the very end of the widget section it says “html” click on that, under the html page select “blank, then enter the code that you copied

  3. ChipmunkChipettesfan

    Wix is rlly good the only thing I don’t like is that u can’t scroll down like a real website. Can someone tell me the best website builders out thre?

  4. mystichillz

    wix is out of this world…there isn’t ANYTHING that compares to wix…this was well put together. completely unbelievable

  5. hayyalife

    Wix is unbelievable. I have spent years annoyed with flash and wix makes it easy especially if you just want to add a little pizazz without all that coding. Best part is layout is completely up to you.

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