Wix.com – Build a Website in 2 Minutes

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25 thoughts on “Wix.com – Build a Website in 2 Minutes

  1. pinkandpurpleshoes2

    WIX is the best easy and free online website builder!!! and also its good for newbies like me!!!! 🙂 <3

  2. MsWaii

    does anyone know how to hide the loading page on wix? please help! ): i realy dont want my friends copying me by using wix so. ):

  3. lostgrl06

    i found this yesterday and thought i died and went to technological heaven looool. exactly wat i wanted! i’ve been messing around with it for a while, too awesome.

  4. mattguitar321

    this is an awesome site but i cant work out how to make it a really good myspace like my mates and i cant get it on my myspace either, can anyone help ??

  5. xDannyhouston

    I know i am kinda late with this response as i just only learned about wix. I used to use iweb. Not anymore. I am a huge HUGE apple fan. Got no problems with PC at all hell would love a nice gaming pc, but i hate WINDOWS software very un-user friendly. This is the way Iweb should work. I really wish that Apple would make a deal with wix to help them design Iweb because i would rather make my web page on my comp instead of online. Cause it can make other sites lag when bulilding. Love this site

  6. Blusage08

    Ok for static pages.

    Does not take into account dynamic forms,php,my sql databases, security, e-commerce e.t.c

  7. guterbol

    GENIOUSES! who the hell designed this? user interface unmatched. They obviously had serious apple influence. lol

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