WITH AUDIO – How To Create 16:9 & HIGH DEFINITION Videos For Youtube! – 1 OF 4 – Ulead Video Studio

25 thoughts on “WITH AUDIO – How To Create 16:9 & HIGH DEFINITION Videos For Youtube! – 1 OF 4 – Ulead Video Studio

  1. shinestarsel

    Im going to sub right now, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
    I would have died if u hadnt post this xD

  2. harvey288

    hey man when i choose wmv hd it messes up my quallity badly i choose pal dvd 16:9
    but after uploading it onto youtube it only goes upto 480p anytips?

  3. Rocker5639

    hello im trying to record videos from my ps3 with my easy cap and ulead but they all have bad quality would it maybe be because my ps3 settings arent set to widescreen and the only problem with that is my tv isnt widescreen

  4. Higuainish

    Thank You Man Thanks For Help I Know Ulead Video Studio 11 But I Want A New Program To Make Videos Like Ulead Pls , Help Me Mr.Christheferal & Again Thank You <3

  5. lecochonbleu

    < registers the item 1st with the maker. They buy lots of OEM programs for their co., register each one, and it's legal then for them to sell them or do what they like with them. When people say OEM = illegal, they proby. mean they feel it's against a spirit of trade. Maybe yes, maybe no, but it's legal, cheap, & up to you. I think if your income is below average, why not make use of this legal way, otherwise I think you should support the hard work of software developers: buy retail copies.

  6. lecochonbleu

    @realjuvelive You can get many programs free, but not legal. Its unlikely you’d be caught, but its illegal. Why don’t you buy OEM instead – not expensive. A lot of people say OEM = illegal unless you buy the program for new build machine or selling a computer. But that’s not right. That’s 1 big reason OEM software is made & sold. OEM = by the letter of the law, it can be legally sold by post if some hardware is included. And technically, OEM can be legally sold by download if a co selling it >

  7. Sh4rpN

    @christheferal If you meant using the Windows Media Encoder 9, then I did download it and I looked at some tutorials but I still did not understand how it takes a part at fixing my problem.

    Would you like to move this comment “ping pong” to PM’s? 😡
    Thanks again.

  8. Sh4rpN

    I’ve tried what you did, and instead of making it HD, it was in a horrible horrible quality, and it wasn’t even 16:9.

    Why? Please please reply!!

    Thanks in advance.

  9. ar71dacian

    man take a look at my video:


    I did 1080p video with this program but why it isn’t full screen?… help me pls!!

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