Why WebProfessionals.org Education Alliance and Advocacy Matters

Interview with Robert Bagwell. Computer Science Instructor Rogue Community College Grants Pass Oregon.


* Question: Bob, why is being an education alliance member important to you:

* Response: As teacher of web development here Rogue Community College one of the big challenges (for any web development teachers) is keeping up with the rapid pace of industry change. Our curriculum changes by term. The Web Professionals education alliance membership essentially gives me the resources and tools that I need to connect with other educators and web development professionals around the country.

Also as an education alliance member I have an opportunity to grow professionally in this field but I can also influence web professional education nationwide. (Which more of us need to do.) As an example I had a terrific experience at the WebProfessionals.org national web design contest in Kansas City this past June. Students from around the country got together and collaborated on some excellent web solutions and many of the teachers connected and discussed various approaches to continually updated their classes. A great event for me.

The WebProfessionals.org Education Alliance is of benefit not only to me but to my college, my business partners and most importantly to my web development students. The alliance offers assessments, testing services, forums, job boards, and the alliance remains involved in connecting students with business partners. So I’m really happy with this Alliance like I said not only for my own growth but for the continued education of my students, peers, business partners, Oregon and the college.

* Question:Bob, why is what Webprofessionals.org is doing to support Information Technology (IT), Career Technical Education (CTE) and the Web and your involvement to support interdisciplinary education important to you

* Response:On perhaps a higher level, sort of beyond the Alliance, there are some very important things that webprofessionals.org is doing. One of these things is advocating for IT. These advocacy efforts are critical. Influencing public policy is not something that I.T. has historically been very good at. If you look out across the country at what’s going on in the world of funding career technical education, most of the advocacy work comes from some of the more established “powerhouse” groups, like nursing, firefighting, and the like. As a result where does the bulk of the CTE spend go? Of course to these more established groups. Webprofessionals.org is working to step up advocacy efforts for IT and New Media which is just hugely important.

As IT continues to mature, career technical education will be key and Web professionals is really making some excellent progress at the highest levels nationally in increasing the awareness of the need for IT based CTE. (Even to the head of the Department of Education nationally – There are some good links on the story on the webprofessionals.org website.

Webprofessionals.org is also working to advocate across the state of Oregon and to improve the alignment of our educational programs. I know that the leadership from webprofessionals.org plan on meeting with all of the Oregon Computer Science chairs later this year for a discussion on how to improve on advocacy efforts.

Finally, I think that WebProfessionals is doing some really important work in the area of promoting interdisciplinary education. Which has been lacking. You know IT cuts across virtually all departments at a college now. It’s pervasive. Everyone approaches the teaching of IT within their department a bit differently. It’s important that we work together to break down some of these silos and webprofessionals.org facilitates a smoother change, by helping to increase dialog between departments, which I’ve seen first hand, which is just really important.

About Bob Bagwell

Bob Bagwell is a full time Instructor for the Computer Science Department at Rogue Community College
in Grants Pass.

In addition to teaching part time over the past 10 years, Bob has extensive experience
selling and deploying technology solutions for Fortune 1000 companies around the world in a variety
of capacities. He enjoys teaching and bringing some of his experiences into the classroom.

Bob has worked for handheld computer manufacturors such as Telxon, Motorola, PSC, Honeywell,
and Psion Teklogix providing couponing and promotional systems, point of sale systems, and receiving,
distribution, and warehouse management systems. Bob has also worked for RFID companies like
WhereNet and Checkpoint providing security and “Real Time Location Systems” to companies like
Boeing and Wal-Mart.

Bob is also a consumer privacy specialist and an active member of the International Association
of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) with a credential in Privacy. Bob started “Retail Reporting”, a company
launched to provide business intelligence to retailers including detailed consumer behavior insight
for improved product selection, budgeting, market share, inventory management and media planning.

Out of College Bob worked overseas in the U.K. for a company called Software Publishing
Corporation, establishing a software support organization across Europe.

Bob attended Californ ia State University – Hayward and has a Computer Science degree with a
minor in Math and an MBA.
Bob has spent over 25 years helping companies use technology to automate their operations.

Past clients include:

Retail – Safeway, Longs Drugs, Thrifty Payless, Wal-Mart, Target, Best-Buy, Costco, Nike, Hurley, Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble,
Borders Books, Rays Fine Foods, Rite-Aid, Reser’s Fine Foods, Costco, Kashi Company, Albertsons, Associated Grocers,
Associated Foods, United Grocers, OLCC, Home Depot, bebe, ROSS, A&F, Orchard Supply, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, CVS,
Starbucks, Norstrom, REI Coop, Carrefour, GAP, and Eddie Bauer.

Manufacturing and Transportation – Con-Way, Boeing, Freightliner, GM, Chrysler, Ford, Emery Worldwide, UPS, FedEx,
Oregon Cherry Growers, Gallo, Dole, Del-Monte, US Post Office, Canada Post, and Old Dominion Freight
Hotels – Marriott, Hilton, Four Seasons, Disney, and Wynn Resorts
Military – Navy, Naval Facilities, Army, AAFES

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