What’s a good screen resolution to design for?

15 thoughts on “What’s a good screen resolution to design for?

  1. ititan09

    I think the visitors to Matt’s site are more likely to have higher screen resolutions, grandma is still running windows 98 or xp and has a CRT in my guess.

  2. stevo632

    960 grid system.

    iphone4 has 960 width res.
    huge 24inch monitors with windows7 snap allow you to browse 2 web pages at 960px width perfectly. unfortunately not on a 22inch screen for me.

    Also got to consider for the growing mobile web platforms. Otherwise do a fluid design if your good enough with css. But these in my opinion are only good if the website is for text, and very rarely for sites with image content etc.

  3. InkPilot

    I use a 2560×1600 resolution, it would be interesting to see a website that was made specifically for that resolution 🙂

  4. larssonk22

    I design for 1024×768 but if you design to this size make your pages 960 pixel wide max this allows for padding and no horizontal scrolling.

  5. mrcakey

    First off, thanks for your answer. I suspect that most visitors to your site are a little ahead of the curve in terms of sophistication.

    My approach is to set a max-width for a site and avoid any strong horizontal lines below the 600px mark. I’ve also begun adding an IE6 warning by default and charging clients extra if they want this removing and IE6 support adding. Yes, it’s a bit hardline but we have to get rid of it if the web is to reach its full potential.


    1024 x768 is very popular screen sizes
    One of my websites has a HD 1600×1050 and also a 1024 x764 site, both are the same, just smaller by using css so users have a choice.

    I dont really think vertical is a big issue, but horizontal is, most users are used to scolling DOWN for content and NOT ACROSS

  7. sayweb

    I always go for 750 width. Great, Great Questions, Great Great answer. I guess the secret for success in life is finding what your are meant to do, and Matt was born for Computer science…. congratulations.

  8. troglodyte3344

    I think most people would want to know the width of the screen size. But, with 2009 being the first year that laptops over took PC’s in the sales, its a good bet that unless the screen sizes of laptops become bigger, you would maybe not wish to go about 1100 pixels width.

  9. webbkommunikation

    As gthing32 mentions, remember that screen resolution is not the same as browser viewport size. Read how to track your visitors’ viewport size in Google Analytics on my blog. Just search for: beantin measuring viewport size with google analytics.

    Also note that, as mentioned in the vid, in many situations (mobile web, wii, iPad) screen resolutions are getting *smaller* not *bigger*

  10. gthing32

    Screen sizes might be getting bigger, but that doesn’t mean people’s browsers are. There’s no need to maximize your browser on your 24″ monitor, so most people will keep their browser window about the right size for website – which are overwhelmingly designed for 1024×768 resolution.

  11. Conceptskatemedia

    @ShawnKHall We have a site for mobile devices and computers. It’s impossible to design a site that will show up good on a phone and computer. Liquid layouts may work but not as well as designing a seperate site for each.

  12. ShawnKHall

    Unfortunately, you’re attempting to relate *your* site (intended primarily to tech enthusiasts, developers and those in the search industry) to the world at large. There is no way that there will be even a remote correlation there, as those in the industry tend to go all out with their hardware in order to facilitate larger development environments. Further, with the growth of the mobile world and now the release of the iPad, screen resolution and support for much smaller devices is paramount.

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