What is Multimedia?

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12 thoughts on “What is Multimedia?

  1. dragonslayerpwn

    if someone subscribes to me i will subscribe back and watch their videos lots! just click my name and subscribe!

  2. richdownes89

    @famfilms try Stafford College/University (I’m at University) on the Stafford campus, in the UK, it does all that.

  3. richdownes89

    I’ve used 3D Studio and After Effects, on an Applied Multimedia course, this really rocks!

    I’ve done Action Script but I hate it, lol.

  4. FJCruisin09

    I’m currently in PTI’s multimedia program, going into the third quarter (taking up 3D/Video). It is an EXCELLENT program compared to others in the area. I went into the program, being a moderately advanced amateur as far as the software goes, and I couldn’t be happier that i’m here. Mark Dobrowolski, the instructor in the first minute and a half is fantastic and he definitely knows the field. I haven’t had the others yet. If ur still looking for a school, take PTI into serious consideration.

  5. drumzz777

    FIDM can be a great school for that. Its located in Los Angeles, opens alot of doors for Hollywood jobs.

  6. ScottRodmanMedia

    oh man video editing on a single monitor, I don’t know how I use to do it. This very is extremely well put together

  7. famfilms

    has anybody attended this institute before?…i am looking for a school that teaches media art & design or 3d animation or videogame art & design…

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