Website Designer Software XSitePro Review

7 thoughts on “Website Designer Software XSitePro Review

  1. MatthewBredel

    I never experienced this, but you should probably try contacting XSitePro about it. Sometimes it is a setting in your tool or even your browser that is doing this.

  2. elwoodetubes

    within 3 minutes of using this program it really annoyed me. If I click on pagelayout tab it opens up my internet browser to show me – I didnt click on preview! I cant get it to stop this – so I can never use page layout! ver 2.1

  3. Iodine12345

    is there somehow a way to open a xsitepro file into a dreamweaver? when i made a website in xsitepro, it was .xse and want somehow to open it on dreamweaver… anyway how to do that?

  4. MatthewBredel

    “Best” is really in the eye of the beholder…Personally, I think Dreamweaver is the best advanced web development tool (but it is not for the layman). XSitePro is pretty darn good for the layman and it is a great way to create a full website template in very little time. I use both (I usually start with XSitePro and finish with Dreamweaver). But you really don’t need to go much further that XSitePro, unless you are planning to become a professional website designer.

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