Website Design-Installing Drupal

7 thoughts on “Website Design-Installing Drupal

  1. grunge65432

    bluexon WEBSITE with great FREE Website Templates and have the website of your dreams created by proffesionsal website designers starting at as low as 40$

  2. monroe7777

    Drupal is a Open Source. So, its free and you can download it directly on the drupal website.

    You can install Drupal on the majority of the webhosting service. GoDaddy is one of those but you can chose another one to host your website (I recommand to get another. GoDaddy is a bad and slow webhoster).

  3. WTFnazmul

    i use 000webhost, which include a site builder and fantastico auto installer which installs drupasl joomla wordpress phpbb and much more for free in under 2 minutes!

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