Webinar: IndexedDB with Jonas Sicking

IndexedDB is the emerging standard for structured client-side data storage. The IndexedDB standard is supported by current versions of Firefox and Chrome, and support for it is expected in Internet Explorer 10.

With this growing maturity and support, it’s time to start experimenting with what IndexedDB can do for Web applications. Working with IndexedDB requires a shift in mindset for many Web developers, as it is more similar to “NoSQL” systems like CouchDB or MongoDB than to traditional relational databases.

IndexedDB will be the theme for December’s MDN DevDerby. And to kick off the theme for the month, on December 1st, we’re offering an MDN Webinar on IndexedDB with Jonas Sicking, one of the editors of the IndexedDB draft standard and one of the implementors of IndexedDB in Gecko.

December 1st, at 9:00 a.m. US Pacific Time (17:00 UTC). Add this event to your Google calendar:
Air Mozilla, with text chat on #airmozilla on irc.mozilla.org. (There’s an IRC widget on the Air Mozilla page if you need it.)

We’ll record this session for those who can’t attend (or can’t use Flash, which is currently used by Air Mozilla for live streaming video).

We’d like to get a rough estimate of how many people will be attending. If you happen to use Plancast, and you plan to attend the seminar, please join the event on Plancast.

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  1. Pete

    And of course not a single word about WebSQL. It’s on all Webkit and Opera browsers. Therefor it’s on almost every smartphone. Wake up!

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