Web Pages That Suck – One of the worst web sites of 2008 – Toy Joy

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9 thoughts on “Web Pages That Suck – One of the worst web sites of 2008 – Toy Joy

  1. argus1948

    Man … I have been there .. well, not to this page, but to the experiences that the page “didn’t” offer. Thanks for the tour!

  2. Seihen

    ^^; Is the mouse too close to the microphone? It’s a really good video and interesting to watch, but the clicking gets to be a bit.. much.

  3. scancode

    Good video, unfortunately you’re getting all those ‘Allow blocked content’ warnings, because you’re browsing a LOCAL copy of the wesbite.


  4. Maximara

    Perhaps it is because I use FIrefox on a Macintosh but what was up with all the “Blocked content” silliness? Now QTVR does tend to be slow so that alone is a good reason to avoid it. As for fixing their web site–well they now have links that don’t do anything. Not much of a fix in my book.

  5. masticina

    Can’t you just see for yourself the “webdesigner” that lets be fair is more into art then functionality. Wowwing the owners with ideas about “A virtual shop online feel” and “show the visitors the shop”

    Not bad on itself except what if people just wanted to find where you are. Or how to contact you? Or maybe well something else FUNCTIONAL

    There is allot of fluf but there is the function?

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