Web Design Tutorial – Simple Preloader in Flash (AS2)

17 thoughts on “Web Design Tutorial – Simple Preloader in Flash (AS2)

  1. OnlyF2P

    INSTEAD OF TWEENING 90 DEGREES AT A TIME, you can go to properties of your team, choose rotate “CW or CWW”, and choose how many times. In this case you’d choose one.

  2. ajejef

    Hi there

    At first, thank you for this tutorial. It helps me (Flash noob) a lot.
    But i have a proble:

    If i want to publish, i become the follow message: (in german)
    1087: Syntaxfehler: zusätzliche Zeiche wurden nach Ende des Programms gefunden.

    ifFrameLoaded (“Main”, 164) {

    Please HELP ME!

    Thanks a lot

    Best regards

  3. thepsychicpebble

    @9578755 You can download flash preloaders on Newgrounds and edit them.

    PM me if you want more details.

  4. 9578755

    what it it keeps looping forever? how do you make it with precentage.

    Also I tried & made it spinning & then figured I dont like its pos on the screen & moved it around. And guess what all my movment I made were recorded & not it totally fuked up all my loading, I mean this is so gay if you cant move it around after you have made it spinning.

    how can u modify its size etc so that it wont be recorded after u made it spinning?

  5. bloodybastia6

    I can’t find the scene-window, I’ve got CS4 and CS5 but just can’t find it… I know how to add one (insert/scene) but I can’t find the window to change the name, could you help me (and it’s not in the window menu, I already checked of course) :s

  6. okachansan

    Nice tutorial, tought me alot.
    Could u please make one where you can use this preloader effect on an animated button that links you to a download for example…
    So if you have a rollover after you click the button and the link loads u would be able to display a certain loader animation, maybe with a progress bar ;).

    Thanx in advance!

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