Web Design Tutorial – Pop-up Menus in Fireworks

16 thoughts on “Web Design Tutorial – Pop-up Menus in Fireworks

  1. crearegroup

    @RepowerWall Thanks RepowerWall, if you’re ever in Lutterworth UK, you can always come and buy us a drink! James.

  2. shadowcat54321

    I did all of this, the behaviour is mouse over, and I can see its all green. and the blue pop up menu frame, but when I preview it on safari, nothing happens when my mouse goes over it….

  3. mrdojob

    You see the done is the problem im having. It just seems to do piss all when i have a really good looking sub menu and don’t add it after.

    My whole year in uni depends on using this bullshit piece of software that they aint told us jack shit about how to use. The worst part is that im not even doing a course that don’t even relate in one way to websites.

  4. crearegroup

    Hypatia Sans Pro. The typeface was a selected free gift that came with Adobe CS3. (Bold & Uppercase).

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