Web Design Tutorial – Fading Image Slideshow in Flash

17 thoughts on “Web Design Tutorial – Fading Image Slideshow in Flash

  1. a2004uk

    could you please do a tutorial on how to design a flash banner similar to the one spinxwebdesign. com exact like


  2. zubaidi47

    thank you so much that’s realy help’s me so I was wondernig if I can add link what can I do with this slidshow please tell me waiting you guys James and Nick please help me !! and thank you again about this video

  3. richam18

    question… sorry new to flash was trying to do it step by step with the video but the colour effect is missing it is not in the properties. is there another way to get it?

  4. ExploreNewMexico

    Thank you so much! I was struggling with fixing a slideshow I had made in class a year ago and really needed to start from scratch. With your help, I got it done and it’s ready to go on the website. Phew!

  5. Sprayinator

    Awesome tutorial, how would you do the same thing as in this tutorial, but load the images from an external location, so as not wait for the flash file to load?

  6. LiteWebDesign

    GENIUS! Yet another brilliant tutorial, am now using these flash slideshows in my website, they look great, thanks again guys, very useful!

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