Web Design Tutorial – Fading Image Slideshow in Flash #2

4 thoughts on “Web Design Tutorial – Fading Image Slideshow in Flash #2

  1. WebVideoStore

    Below is a way of exporting from Final Cut Pro 7 to achieve 1080p

    1) Go to file and export using QuickTime Conversion
    2) Click the Options tab in the settings window
    3) Choose Apple ProRes 422 (LT) from the compression window (High quality vid, small file size)
    4) Click size and then choose 1920×1080 HD

    If you don’t use FCP, contact me with your computer spec and software and I’ll see what I can do.

  2. khuram855

    I Tried like that a lot of times but it doesnt works for me! i have mac and windows both and i have the latest render programs but still i am having a problem so if you can video it will be great!

  3. WebVideoStore

    @khuram855 in order to get 1080p for YouTube, you need to record at 1920×1080 HD. If your then editing your footage you’ll need to export/render it at 1920×1080. If your screen resolution isnt 1920×1080, you wont be able to view it unfortunately. However you can still obtain the HD quality by rendering out at 1080×720. Any problems, please drop me a message.

  4. khuram855

    guys cool you have now 1080p but still you didn’t make a video on Getting the same hd for any video for youtube please video on how to get 1080p for youtube and make for any software you guys render with!

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