Web Design Tutorial – CSS Backgrounds

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9 thoughts on “Web Design Tutorial – CSS Backgrounds

  1. firewaterbars

    @Flain33 thats what i’m trying to do. have a background image fixed in the same position even as you would scroll down but for some reason it doesn’t stay in place. Ive tried switching the setting to background-attachment:scroll but it still does the same thing.

  2. bolgrats

    the best design is always the one that is most user-friendly for the targeted user group and doesnt interfer with the information… in general a good rule to me is always “less-is-more”

  3. bolgrats

    i made like a CSS-“hack” using “alpha” to get a gradient background (its normaly used as s text-effect). This would eliminate the use of images and looks OK. Though it works in IE im not sure about cross-browser support.

  4. Flain33

    good video but number four, creating a fixed background, is kind of wrong.. fixed backgrounds have a: background-attachment:fixed; in the CSS code and then you can position it, this prevents it scrolling when you use the scrollbar.

  5. crearegroup

    Hi skept725. This isn’t an easy question to answer because screen resolutions/monitor sizes vary.

    I would make it 1200 pixels wide by 1000 high as a good starting size.

    If you can apply CSS to your blog’s background, then you can use the no-repeat attribute to stop the background from tiling.

  6. skept725

    I’m trying to create a background in PS for my blogger blog. What dimensions would I need to create my background to fill the whole screen without tiling? Or is that possible? Do you guys have any tuts on this? I know this is a very popular subject amongst bloggers tyring to customize their blogs. Thx! Great tut by the way.

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