Web Design Mistakes

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25 thoughts on “Web Design Mistakes

  1. globalmagnet

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  4. daniel1982

    Good web design is that which you don’t notice, no matter what browser of current generation, you use.

  5. patellaman

    I agree with just about everything he’s saying! I mean I’m a web designer, but I’m definitely not a programmer, yet I do know a reasonable amount about coding. I’m not hot on SEO, yet I do have a couple of websites at number 2 on google for their keywords, but it takes a lot of trial and error to get it right, as the changes we make now, can take upto 1 or 2 months to show up in the search engines!

  6. RichNickers

    That’s some of the great things about wordpress, you can duplicate then edit so easily and the widgets and plugins can make your wesite stand out in the crowd.

    See my video above….

  7. YeahSerious

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  8. diamongem

    Some great points. As we all look at different sites daily, it is easy to see these mistakes included in the design, unintentionally of course. Knowing these pitfalls is an added value when creating a site. Good job.

  9. Iflexion

    Interesting and useful video to understand the nature of web design.
    Easy-to-understand and the basic idea was set out clearly.

  10. elsabefurness

    It’s good to see that you mention to change your website regularly to see what type of design gives you the best outcomes. Even something as simple as just changing the headlines on your page can result in a significant increase in your sales conversions

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