Web Design in 2 Minutes

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25 thoughts on “Web Design in 2 Minutes

  1. Yhanimov

    To make everything easier you can just hire a web design company to build and manage the website for you, I used these guys 24/7 NY Web Design they’re quick, cheap and reliable. Their number is 718-233-3120, glad I can help 🙂 Goodluck to all!

  2. andorvaelis

    I hate it when people use programs to do most of the work -_-… using notepad and your memory is the way to go 😀

  3. Nemesis1001

    @xxSuperAsianxx Comtine D’un Autre Ete by Yann Tiersen, it’s an original score from movie Amelie, lovely film and one of my favourite movie tracks!!

  4. Johnsonharris

    It is a very good tutorial about how to design a site. But the explanation is too fast. Search engines like Google cache text rather than images that are fast and your site will index ASAP. Design your site using text as much as possible and not images. Thanks for the information.

  5. Skyrodude

    its better if you know it. with photoshop you can save your website directly as html. however, the code can be very shitty messy (but the site works).
    And with photoshop alone you can really do much. I mean, if you want to edit te site, you have to basically edit and clean the code that photoshop made.

  6. createwebworks

    It may seem easier to do web design through this video. But in reality, it really takes time to search for best designs and how to develop a certain design to come up with good website. That’s why I seek for professional help from create webworks dot com. They really have great collection of web designs.

  7. Zimarooski


    i think it’s good because see the WHOLE process/big idea/workflow all at once

    and then later you can watch other videos that show you the little pieces and steps

  8. phattyBANGAbeats69

    dont reinvent the wheel, google EZGenerator. i also have a vid on EZGen and also a 10% discount link posted on that vid

  9. MegaShitler

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  10. rhendersWLU

    Just curious… is this a typical workflow for how a designer/graphic designer would create a web page? Coming from a technical background, I’d do the graphics then lay it out in Dreamweaver. Would you say the work in Photoshop was more of a prototype / mockup or was it integral to the final look of the site?

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