Web 2.0 Letterpress Effect: Photoshop CS4 Tutorial

25 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Letterpress Effect: Photoshop CS4 Tutorial

  1. samvanderveen

    wtf i cant even do the first step getting the whole thing grey?? i click and my color turns into white :S help ?

  2. theresawilliams11

    hey thanks for teh vid..very great tutorial espeically for a noob like me..im alittle slower than these teenagers but alwaysn wanted to try..and u seem like a nice postivie guy…thank you very much..will be waiting fore more

  3. puffnpluky76

    Hey Tutvid. I had an idea. If you create two images (one with engraved effect and one without) you can import them into Dreamweaver and make a roll over image and create a really cool button.

  4. sirClogg

    click on small triangle at right top corner of layer stiles menu. List of available pallets pops out. I guess you want the metal one first and than default

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