Web 2.0 Expo SF 2010: Kevin Lynch, “A Conversation with Kevin Lynch”

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7 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Expo SF 2010: Kevin Lynch, “A Conversation with Kevin Lynch”

  1. yasir25119918

    Wow Flash works fine on all Operating systems!! That is a massive lie and an insult to Mac and linux users. #FAIL

  2. EnonimusTransmission

    Adobe is innovating out the wazoo. The Web wouldn’t be shit if it wasn’t for them. Now HTML5 is trying to play catch up and has a long ways to go… and probably will never get there. You still can’t do much in the browser with any degree of reliability unless you use a plugin.

    And Apple, yeah, crash and burn you elitist power hungry pricks.

  3. razorxcom

    The biggest enemy for HTML5 is not Flash, its the browser. HTML5 will suffer greatly over the next 5 years while it patiently waits for people to upgrade their browsers. Right now the browser share is over 54% of the web population that cannot even utilize HTML5. IE 9 isn’t even out yet. The share of HTML5 capable browsers is still a minority at 38%. It will take years for people to upgrade their browsers. HTML5 will just be too s-l-o-w to the scene.

  4. emperordarius

    Whatever, everybody’s switching to HTML5. Adobe lost. Apple foresaw the future once again. Flash will soon its doom, just like the Floppy disk.

  5. pheaubic

    Kevin Lynch seems confused. Apple is not restricting access to the web on the iPhone, you can access any site on the iPhone that you can with a PC or Mac. If people choose closed tools as development platforms, like Apple’s App Store or Adobe’s Flash, there are going to be limits somewhere.

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