Web 2.0 and an Interactive Government

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9 thoughts on “Web 2.0 and an Interactive Government

  1. mostspacial

    Hi Hack! … This is Be …

    EXCELLENT and COOL video!!!

    Ran across reference to it while I was searching for any presence at all of Obama Transition Team in SL … coming up very short on that one … but found your really great video in the process …

    Take care, smiles and hope you are having a wonderful day!

  2. HVXSilverstar

    Super cool! I loved the comparison of contacts on Facebook and on search results. Thanks for speaking up so elegantly!

  3. HVXSilverstar

    Super cool… loved the comparisons of contacts on Facebook and search results! Thanks for “making a difference”!

  4. Bealoola

    You have illustrated the cutting edge of how we are all able to evolve. When people can can come to believe that they can have import, they will. You have created a postive illustrative factor. BRAVO!

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