VW Split Screen camper driving though a shopping centre

25 thoughts on “VW Split Screen camper driving though a shopping centre

  1. fungus0roxanne

    Ahh, I gotcha. It has all the camper goods inside but w/o the pop top. Definately a good plan, the camper tops kind of ruin the look for me. And that’s good that it doesn’t leak! 😀

  2. fungus0roxanne

    Not a camper van, but definately awesome! I’d love to leak oil all over the local shopping mall 😀 The name of the song is “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen

  3. yyyzzzz

    Was the cameraman on a segway? thought I caught a glimpse, I have a bus like that one, (not anywhere near as posh).

  4. HighwayCinema

    Great VW! By the way, a SF, Calif radio sation used to do a special show each year, called Maximum Louie Louie. They’d play hundreds of versions of this classic.

  5. jurois

    thanks. i already found it. the kinks. i used the song for a short film/docu i made about these vw busses. you can see it at my page if you want.

  6. thePeterN

    The song is “Louie Louie”. A lot of different people have covered it, not sure if this is the original singer or not.

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