Visualife | Specializing in visual sign language media

3 thoughts on “Visualife | Specializing in visual sign language media

  1. MrProunion

    Whoa! I applaude you with your brave steips into entrepreneurship. Not many deaf people are doing entrepreneurship in Europe. I registered for Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf, May 27-30,2010 in Houston, TX, U.S.A. Have you heard about it? You should go and meet many deaf small business owners and entrepreneurs there! They and you can share ideas for successful business and media strategies!
    Hope…see u there! 🙂

  2. letsignlanguage

    this video is great. we wish you can add voice or subtitles or both, so that more people can enjoy it. thank you.

  3. Orava83

    GREAT!! International sign language is very good idea, it means to all world.

    Dear friends,

    Let’s ask him about company, if you want to know more for example price. Be brave to ask him! :))

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