Video Tutorial: Getting Started with ColdFusion 8

24 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: Getting Started with ColdFusion 8

  1. arel3

    You’re probably right that it’s preference. And both sides probably get annoyed at one another. LOL


    Hey…..nopes….he used Hellow in the code by mistake….

    🙂 Oh cmon….its common sense that twas a small mistake…Between thanks a million…twas a nice tutorial…

  3. jjppmm29

    idk??? i have seen alot of languages and this language seems like it is more trouble then its worth asp seems nice? as well java java but again php is so much easyer from what i see cfm is a combination of xml c# and php if this had the functionality of c# as well the flexibility and resources i might be interested
    ps:php based sql rocks this guy made an entire website from one php document
    and a load of sql

  4. JeremyTiki

    Think you could do an install on Ubuntu? Ive been trying but every time I get an message like this in the Command line “Information [scheduler-1] – Run Client Storage Purge”, it continues checking that for about an hour then re-does it only changing the 1 to a 0. Any idea’s’s what might be the problem?

  5. skyhawk133

    @arel3 Even more developers make the “ignorant” mistake of not actually knowing what SQL stands for. It is in fact “Structured Query Language” not “Server Query Language” and I think you’ll find many professional database administrators will say “See-Qual” and while just as many will say “Ess-Que-Ell”… it’s a personal preference.

  6. arel3

    Many developers make the ignorant mistake, showing their lack of knowledge to what it actually is, by calling SQL “See-Qual” it is not Sequal it is SQL (ESS-QUE-ELL) = Server Query Language.

    The dollar sign ($) is a call function. Not a class id or variable ID like you find in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)…Not SSSSS….:P

  7. simranzenov

    Why was the output “Hello Chris Kenworthy” when you typed “Hellow” instead of “Hello” in the code? Is the ‘w’ a keyword to write to the document?

  8. TimIsToXiN

    i downloaded a file that opens in coldfusion, how do i go about doing this? i cant seem to find the .exe

  9. theblacktigon

    The world’s most popular server-side scripting language for web development. Yahoo and Facebook are the biggest sites in the world that use PHP.

  10. skylark193

    Well, theres 2 name I’ve found for PHP the scripting language. Personal Home Page and HyperText Preproceser. It’s simply coding that is placed just like coldfusion within an HTML, using the .php to end when saving it as a file. You must have PHP downloaded and have a PHP server such as Apache to be able to view the coding but it is just another way to code/make a website [its a also a bit hard so i would suggest learning HTML before trying anything like coldfusion or PHP]

  11. nuclearG1

    when I get to the confirmation and it asks for password – I enter the pasword I just entered during installation and it says it’s invalid???? Can’t go any further.

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