Validate Forms Using Dreamweaver!

24 thoughts on “Validate Forms Using Dreamweaver!

  1. TheBelter99

    just discovered if one of your text field or list field doesnt show up on the validate process you need to add it manually to the submit button, e.g. you need to add it as such ,’newfield’,”,’R’. This goes just before the end of the bracket, hope this helps

  2. nieuwen100

    hey there

    I’ve done exactly what was said but i receive an email only with the titles, i don’t manage to retrieve the information that was input :/

    would anyone would know the cause of the problem I am using spry contrary from the video

    please please i realy need the answer


  3. kevlarking

    Its a good warning device but once the pop up message goes away, you can still hit submit, even if the info is blank. Anyone know how to completely suppress the “submit” function until all required fields are completed?

  4. deepsoulfusion

    When clients submit their information through this form and purchase items through pay pal, will I get an email with the information or how will I get their information?? Thanks!

  5. mansion10000

    The reason it says the method is not allowed is because your host does not support the php POST function. Time to switch!! xD

  6. wwwchoicedjcouk

    Did exactly as the video said 3 times and when i tested it i got the following message.
    Method Not Allowed
    The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /contactformprocess.php.

    Still no joy!

  7. ssal1122

    great video, you should add client-side client, web application, web development in keywords as i only accidently found this website and this is what i was looking for in the first place. Great piece of work

  8. tirathmistry

    Thank you so much for your Awesome video tutorial. Nice step by step explanation
    please add more tutorial
    Your tutorial is like oxygen to us.
    thanks so much for your kind effort for making tutorial are the Best
    Thanks God Bless 🙂

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