Using the Battery API – Part of WebAPI

Detecting battery level in a device or computer can help you inform the user of the current status. Within Mozilla’s WebAPI, we have the Battery API to offer that possibility.

Accessing the battery

First, it’s a matter of accessing the battery object:

var battery = navigator.mozBattery;


There are a few properties offered to detect the charging level of the battery in the device:

Battery level
Check the currenty battery level. Returns a value between 0 and 1.
Battery charging
A boolean, returning if the device/computer is currently being charged.
Battery chargingTime
Time left in seconds until it is fully charged. Available when charging.
Battery dischargingTime
Time left in seconds until it is discharged. Available when not charging.

// Get battery level in percentage
var batteryLevel = battery.level * 100 + "%";

// Get whether device is charging or not
var chargingStatus = battery.charging;

// Time until the device is fully charged
var batteryCharged = battery.chargingTime;

// Time until the device is discharged
var batteryDischarged = battery.dischargingTime;


There are four events available for detecting changes to the battery’s status:

If the battery level changes.
Detect if the device went from being charged to unplugged, or vice versa.
When the device’s charging time changes (when plugged in)
When the device’s discharging time changed (when unplugged)
battery.addEventLister("levelchange", function () {
    // Device's battery level changed
}, false);

battery.addEventListener("chargingchange", function () {
    // Device got plugged in to power, or unplugged
}, false);

battery.addEventListener("chargingtimechange", function () {
    // Device's charging time changed
}, false);

battery.addEventListener("dischargingtimechange", function () {
    // Device's discharging time changed
}, false);

Device support

Battery API is supported in Firefox Beta on:

  • Android (Firefox Aurora only, for now)
  • Windows
  • Linux (for those distros that have UPower installed – bundled with most nowadays)

Right now we don’t have anyone working on the Mac OS X implemementation, so if you have the skills, we’d love to see you contribute!

Demo and code

I’ve put together a basic demo of the Battery API and code is also available in the Battery API repository on GitHub.

If you don’t experience the expected results on your device, please file a bug and we can look into it. This feature is experimental at this time, and may not be ready for production use just yet.

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One thought on “Using the Battery API – Part of WebAPI

  1. Gervase Markham

    It would be awesome if the API had some way to indicate the level of accuracy of the measurements. For example, if I call battery.dischargingTime() and get “1356″, does that mean it’ll definitely shut down after that exact number of seconds? If not, what is the most likely range? How do I display that figure without unwarranted precision?

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