Using Gradients to add Polish to your Web Design

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6 thoughts on “Using Gradients to add Polish to your Web Design

  1. JoeAlcorn

    I’ve always noticed that even if you can’t really pick out the gradient it still makes the image look a lot better.

  2. aquajewel686

    i’m a graduating marketing student with a fascination for online web and graphic design and i’ve learned so much from your videos! thanks for these vids! i didn’t realize how much websites use gradients to make them look polished, even to the smallest of buttons… pretty awesome stuff.

  3. mlwebco

    @Conceptskatemedia I hear ya. That’s actually a good thing being good at html/css first, then learning graphics. But yes, using a light gradient on your designs really adds a lot to it, without doing too much. 😉

  4. Conceptskatemedia

    Another fantastic video! I just got a job at a small banner and sign design company so I am studying all of the graphic/web design videos I can find. I’m really good at HTML, CSS and WordPress but I have a lot to learn about graphic design 🙂

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