Update: I have a job

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20 thoughts on “Update: I have a job

  1. rkzenrage

    I am happy for you. I miss working a great deal and if I can find something I can do for friends it means a lot to me.
    Doing some invitations and a video album for someone’s birthday right now (but not getting paid for it, part of my gift to them)… still very satisfying to be able to do it.

  2. NCLDragon76

    Happy to hear news from you.
    Well, a job is a job afterall, so congrats!!
    You know in the area that you chose, first is important to give proof of someone ability in “small” jobs and tasks, then your work will be spread like windham666 pointed.

    Be allways on time, be allways receptive to superior comments, be allways open minded when listening to co-workers suggestions.

    Good luck!!

  3. windham666

    this is great news! give them more than their money’s worth and spread the news, more work will be coming in.

  4. Flapjackbatter

    Gratulations. Even though it is a relatively short job.
    For later maybe you could make some sort of portfolio (I don`t know how this is done in web-development sircles (?)) to BLAM people with when they ask.

  5. rguy84

    haha yeah. She got on the phone two minutes later to finalize the account. If I could’ve reached her computer, I could’ve started right then.

  6. jumblebox

    Haha fantastic! I love it when they find out you’re so awesome they don’t even want you to leave the building. Congrats dude!

  7. CelphaFiael

    Haha great story! “My experience?…oh, just 8 years and 9 FREAKIN LANGUAGES. BOOYA!”

    Congrats on the job, be sure to let us see the website when it is complete.

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