Unboxing Cyborg RAT 5 and Logitech G110 keyboard

11 thoughts on “Unboxing Cyborg RAT 5 and Logitech G110 keyboard

  1. jabcreations

    @Ozai01 I flirt with World of Warcraft every now and then (just under 5K GS on my frost mage). I’ve been SEVERELY tempted by Starcraft II. Diablo III will eat my life up. Oblivion and Morrowind are/were awesome! RTS, RPG, and some shooters (UT2004 is FREAKING AWESOME!). I do love oldies! It comes down to suggestions that I like. I recently almost finished Trine (go check it out!) and I can’t forget to mention Heroes of Might & Magic III!

  2. jabcreations

    @Robertwright889 Oh yeah a creeping cursor will lead to Newegg which will lead to package which will lead to video. I forgot things in between but if an associated action occurs I remember things clearly. 😉

    I don’t see myself using the macro keys…in fact this keyboard would be perfect without them but keeping everything else…at least for me. Some people may go nuts for the macros. I’m starting to kind of get used to the key spacing…kinda. 😉

  3. Robertwright889

    @jabcreations hmm O_O, let me know if the problem is fixed, but with they keyboard i know what you mean, i own a logitech G11, but i dont use macro keys since its a pain with the logitech software and half of time some games are supported for the use of Gkeys, and i also hate the LCD thingy screen O_O, reason i got the G11 and not the old G15

  4. jabcreations

    @flamingaxe791 YEAH! I know, I plan on having gaming videos once I can get you guys over to my forums. That will begin with Beta 2 (Beta 1 is invite only). I am about two-three weeks from Beta 1 and Beta 2 will likely be about a week or two after that unless someone manages to find something I need to seriously fix major. I’ve been working on Version 2.9 of my site for just over two years now but it’ll give me a TON of freedom that I did not have. I’m seriously thinking of getting Starcraft 2.;)

  5. jabcreations

    @Robertwright889 Hey Robert! Funny thing the mouse cursor keeps CREEPING away and I hope it’s the ratty $2 walmart mousepad. I’m going to buy a gaming mouse pad from Newegg on Monday and see if that resolves that issue. Apparently some of them are laced with poison as a lot of people have reported not being able to stand the funk of mousepads but we’ll see…keyboards and nice are SUPER important especially for a production environment that doubles for gaming! 😉

  6. jabcreations

    A heads-up to those thinking about buying the mouse: the software crashed and the latest version from the site ALSO crashed. This was on a Friday afternoon so go-figure I am not even going to bother looking for support on the weekend. Logitech software works and I’m still getting used to the keyboard.

  7. jabcreations

    @CerealzTheDude LoL That was a fast comment. I’m not 100% sure about the keyboard just yet. The keys are closer together and the macro keys keep throwing me off. I’ll have to post a follow up in like a week or so. Maybe I can get used to it? 🙂

    Also the mouse software keeps crashing which is major league fail…however since Cyborg is ultimately Saitek I think it’s using previous thumb button macros so again I’ll have to post a follow up on Cyborg’s support response.

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