Ulead VideoStudio 11 – Creating and Adding Titles

25 thoughts on “Ulead VideoStudio 11 – Creating and Adding Titles

  1. chuitheng1028

    Hey, guys! I meed yours help.
    I want convert this format into ‘wmv’ format but it’s said ‘Unable to load library’/
    Any idea about this problem? If you know the solution please do tell me. Emergency need the solution ><" Thanks

  2. Ressurrector

    But what gets me is tho I cant figure out just how to simply make a text that does NOT use one those text “presets” or whatever they are. Sure I can change the size,color,font all that jazz but it has to be THAT preset…making this program not much better than windows movie maker for me.

  3. Yelahna95

    I’ve got a question:
    I want maybe this programm or Ulead VideoStudio SE DVD 10 Plus…
    Ehm… I will make lyrics-videos like the ones on my channel… can I make such videos woth this programms too?

  4. rajamostwanted

    how too make this user interface cos i have this progrm but its diffrent then mine ???i can,t fiend tools?

  5. Klingonmastr

    How many different title templates does this program offer? I have used other programs like Sony Vegas and older versions of Magix Movie Maker that only offer a few different templates which isn’t much.

    I like programs that offer at least a dozen different templates to choose from. Not just different fonts but different templates.

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