TysiPhoneHelp.com Back Up!

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25 thoughts on “TysiPhoneHelp.com Back Up!

  1. jared1016

    Wut are your haking visa rather than jailbreaking I always do this on my iPod so just send comments on my channel I think your vids shoud be on the most papular section of utube tnx I new that already cuz I just went on your site make more jail breaks there the most popular oh a tip make a bunch of YouTube acc and subscribe on them to your own videos srry really long

  2. iphoneTechgirl17

    love your videos, hair looks better short Your hot lol! arkward! la la… anyways nice videos! and cool accent! Texas?

  3. KassyGO

    Hey uhh… I cannot load your site in either safari nor in EI… So.. I dont think its working anymore…

  4. JoeMiozza

    LOL. Did you layer in M.I.A.’s Paper Planes, or were you just listening to it? Either way, funny, funny, funny… Dig your videos dude.

  5. mcspazotron

    i bought one august 12th 2008 less than one month prior to release of the new one.how do you think i feel?

  6. juanmayen01

    dude hel me Will installing cracked apps this work for ipod touch 2.1 with itunes 8.0? I’ve tried doing this to my ipod touch and after all that work, my ipod froze. I had to restore it and jailbrake it again. This whole process took me around an hour to do. I don’t know if I should try it again.
    will installing apps without having install not even one free app from the ap store work for putting cracked apps pliz help

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