Transforming XML Elements Using XSLT

3 thoughts on “Transforming XML Elements Using XSLT

  1. nicachipal

    Hi jefford dt
    how would you delete a namespace by using xslt.
    I wrote my own Xslt to transform a huge xml file. I just need to display 5 items. Everything works fine without the ns (when i delete this manually by coping and testing the file). Unfortunately i can’t do this, because the xml is coming from an external feed. I want to keep my code, but i need to add the extra code that will delete the annoying namespace (xmlns). Thank you !

  2. jeffordT

    I am sorry it was hard to read. It is meant to be a / not a 7. The slash represents “root” as in the top of the file. If you still need help. Send me a message. I’d be happy to assist. Hope this helped. Have a good day.

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