Top 10 Best Web Hosting Reviews – SCAMS EXPOSED

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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Web Hosting Reviews – SCAMS EXPOSED

  1. reviewsexposed

    @youngrelleus19 There is a version of this video that has audio, but apparently everyone likes the one with out audio better.

  2. reviewsexposed

    @StickyIky are you asking should you cancel them? I don’t know much about webfusion. But I do know that Justhost and 1and like to spend a lot on referrals. I will soon be doing a blog post on whom of the Endurance International Group (justhost is a part of) of who is the cheapest. So perhaps maybe you might want to leave justhost for a cheaper alternative from the same company.

  3. kiwigirl2007online

    @reviewsexposed With respect you have done an awesome job here and the video rocks! Unfortunately there are a lot of shady affiliate marketers out there making the rest look kind of suspect. But thanks to people like yourself… those, that maybe unfamiliar to the world of internet marketing may be able to get a bit of insight into how these things work and not get sucked in so easily by some of these led-by-greed and unethical shady marketers!

  4. reviewsexposed

    @MultiBrados *blush* no smarter then anyone else. I was just tired of getting burned by bad review companies, I am sure someone else would have done the same thing.

  5. reviewsexposed

    @evikzzz it really depends on your needs, there are some companies that are adequate. I only started a full scale review in the last three months.

  6. reviewsexposed

    @kiwigirl2007online Those “working really hard” affiliates are drowned out by a sea of so called “unbiased” review sites. Most people do not know how to research “it”. If it was easy I would not have a website thats growing in traffic every day in regards to this particular subject. This would just be another video with a few hits, on an account thats not maintained.

  7. kiwigirl2007online

    Ok, fair enough. But there are actually many affiliates out there that are working really hard to earn their cash by trying to provide excellent products to a given market! If your looking for a good host.. research it! It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to distinguish for themselves whats hot and whats not, and if they are diligent enough they will be able to.. “Separate the wheat from the chaff.”

  8. MultiBrados

    You are one of the smartest persons I encountered on line.
    Keep up the great work.
    Excellent video by the way. Nice effects 😉

  9. wordpressvideostv

    Excellent video. Cannot say enough about this. People need to know that hosting reviews are NOT REAL.

  10. good2freelance

    well you busted all of them.
    How can a dumb person choose which host is good then ? 🙁

  11. reviewsexposed

    @MonSwon I am working on the webhosting companies right now, just put my site in blog mode. Problem is the first 10 hosts I reviewed have a lot of dirt.

  12. MonSwon

    Right keep up with this work ye, coz Im and so many other ppl are so pissed off with this and shit like it, it really needs exposing, its always about the coin, bust other crap too, all the shitty con things, you really are doing a service to the the internet. community

  13. reviewsexposed

    @94dgrif Why would an affiliate not be biased? For that matter when you promote your virus program do you compare it to others? I actually have, and I have had better results from nod32, but then again AVG is better then Norton. Most host affiliates do not even try the hosts they recommend. One example is a affiliate I did a post on recently called whybluehost, who are not even hosted on bluehost but hostgator servers. Big difference between promoting what use and what you don’t use.

  14. 94dgrif

    @reviewsexposed I agree with you that a lot of list sites are biased, and I’d probably go as far as to say that most are. But I don’t believe that being an affiliate of a company in the list is evidence of bias. In the same way I recommend AVG to everyone that needs an anti-virus program because it’s my personal favorite. I became an affiliate of AVG so that if people follow my advice I get a commission.

  15. reviewsexposed

    @94dgrif First I ask you what defines a scam? Perhaps something along the lines of fabricating information to lead to high payout, could that be a scam? Because that is what these sites are doing. Yes they could run legitimately with affiliate links, but that is not how these companies work. They work on a high affiliate payout, if you don’t believe me go to these “top” hosts and look at their affiliate programs. Some run secondary affiliate programs with companies like

  16. 94dgrif

    You may or may not be right about the scam, I don’t know. But think of it like this. If you ran a site that listed the best host sites with links to each, wouldn’t you join the affiliation with every site on that list? You could run the list 100% genuinely, and still accept the click-through revenue from whichever link a user visited. I know I would. The incriminating evidence would be if they were Only affiliated with the top few.

  17. reviewsexposed

    @dfreysinger I am not sure what this response has to do with webhosts that use fake review to pump their bottomline.

  18. reviewsexposed

    @goldduo I would love to get a more detailed account from you on my blog in regards to your inmotion problems.

  19. reviewsexposed

    @llwyth The problem is not so much that they are affiliates, its the pretending to review and give a positive spin to mislead people into believing they are getting a good deal. The other problem is that more focus in spending on affiliates and advertising then actual spending on customer care.

  20. reviewsexposed

    @bearwoodbrown Those “awards” are nothing more then affiliates, there not real companies. They award whomever pays the most on commissions. They don’t bother to try the hosts to create real reviews.

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