Tinie Tempah – Pass Out (Album Version Clean)

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25 thoughts on “Tinie Tempah – Pass Out (Album Version Clean)

  1. Conor2171

    YAY!! A CLEAN VERSION I CAN BLAST WITHOUT MY DAD TELLING ME TO TURN IT OFF!!!! (He doesn’t like swearing, but I don’t mind swearing, I just don’t use swear words.) 😛

  2. JCLMfamily

    10 facts about u
    1. You’re?? reading? my comment
    2. You’re realizing? that’s a?? stupid fact
    4. You didn’t? notice? I skipped? three
    5.? You’re checking now
    6. You’re? smiling
    7. You’re still? reading? my? comment
    9.? You didn’t realize I skipped eight
    10.? You’re checking again? and smiling?? about how you? fell for it again.
    11.? You are? enjoying? this
    12. You didn’t realize there’s??? only? suppossed? to be ten facts.

  3. InfamousDainton

    I’ve been looking for the clean version for a while, only because on the orginial I hate the bit before the drum and bass part, it completely ruins the momentum. 😐

  4. krisiecapri

    yhhhh this song is harddd bruvvv, i love this song,, woooo! yh yh we bring the stars out we bring the women and cars and cards out!!! this is the tunee x

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