Tidbits – Nikon D5000 – Set Auto-Exposure Lock To Toggle (Vs. Button Hold)

25 thoughts on “Tidbits – Nikon D5000 – Set Auto-Exposure Lock To Toggle (Vs. Button Hold)

  1. DarkbladeMediaTV

    Thank you so much man; I’ve been considering using this camera to make some short films (and possibly a feature somewhere down the road), but the exposure was really making me cautious about using it. Now that I know how to set it so it doesn’t change, I can worry about other stuff…like grain that seems to appear in my video even though it’s well lit…any suggestions on that? 😛

  2. bliaxiong09

    i have a question to ask? does this camera allow u to focus when you bring things up close while filming? if it does.. PLEASE teach me!!!!!!!!!!! i been dying to know.. and one last things how do you change you focus to another.. for example like shooting one things that is close to you and then shooting the background and fading the things that you were shooting early????

  3. katingaman

    really like it mate, thanks for the tip, i bought the d5000 and im watching these little helpful tips to learn more about it 😉 thanks again

  4. kamshaft83

    ya thanks a ton, this has help make me a better beginner. just got mine 1.5 mnths ago. i didnt know jack about dslrs except professionals used and had awsome pics. wtf was f/stop? wtf is apeture? lol i learned from endless nights/days on youtube. still lerning, but posted my first video up. pic with the cat, i let the ae off for the dreamy heaven effct on my cat as he fell asleep

  5. BooTuM

    really really helpful, but i thought that it’s a bad thing to lock the exposure, i mean like the test shot u took at the end, when the camera was panning and the window appears, i couldn’t see anything in the window cuz it was so bright,
    isn’t this a bad thing or this looks more professional
    or do u recommend locking the exposure like this or use this function only in some situations ?
    i’m sorry for those question but i’m a newbie and i wanna learn everything 😀
    thanks 🙂

  6. iJsturgess

    Great video Thanks ! I must say i like the HD Quality on the Nikon D5000. Thinking about getting the Canon 550D but they both seem the same really,.

  7. MisssLadyRose

    how do u like it? im planninh on gettin one but i hurd when u put it on a tripod and record n dont touch it.. when it comes to you bringing things close to the lense it wont focus.. please help me… any advice?? thanks for the this vid.. would you be able to do a test video of you having the cam just standing recording && u place object closer && at different distances? espesh rly close? thanks so much i would really appreciate it ^_^

  8. mikr18

    very helpful!! by the way, what do you use for audio recording? it seems very sharp for the in camera mic. more power!

  9. JoeCubicle

    Nice video Zach, I just emailed you something to see if what happened in my video is what you are talking about. Btw… watch your audio level, the intro and ending are LOUD, ouch.
    Great vid, thanks a ton.

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