Think Webmaster, Not Web Designer

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12 thoughts on “Think Webmaster, Not Web Designer

  1. gladeemarie

    Point taken at 2:30. You mentioned some very valuable key points. Excellent advice. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

  2. antigym105

    Good observation…
    …GREAT comments.

    I work with lots of marketers and have seen lots of communication styles and that’s a tight and as cogent an analysis as the best I’ve ever heard! (Or had to pay for.) : )

    Great piece. I’d love to hear a half hour version of that!

  3. mlwebco

    Thanks Andy, I haven’t worked with Joomla to be honest, but I have worked with WordPress as a CMS. But yes, I do plan on getting around to a tutorial on these two in the near future. 🙂

  4. AndyDOHD1

    This is such another good video, and I agree with you totally… so I’ll be looking through all the other videos you have… lol. Anyway.. know anything, or planning a tutorial on Joomla!? I’m just looking at it, as I have been handed a purchased template to edit for someone…..

  5. mlwebco

    Thanks for the feedback. Good luck, stay with it. Always keep learning. If you ever need any questions answered, just let me know. 😉

  6. iharrison30

    Excellent video mate, I am so interested in Web Design and would love to have the ability to perform this particular art. At the minute I am reading a few books on Web Design one of which is learning about Dreamweaver. My aim is to hopefully one day launch my own web site however I am not willing to do this until I am confident with web design and all the other things that make web design. Awesome video with some excellent advice.

  7. ghanes14

    I still get confused on the difference between the titles of web designer, web developer and web programmer. I think the webmaster is much more understanding, in brief webmasters need/have to know at least a little of every area and build on that with time. Eventually webmasters need to be familiar as you said with the whole scoop or at least as much as possible.

    It is a lot to learn, and you never stop learning in this field, but then again that’s why the $ is so good too. lol

  8. Conceptskatemedia

    I completely agree. I think whether you are a web designer, web developer or web programmer you need to have a good knowledge of everything.

    Great video. It opened my eyes as sometimes I work on my site without looking at it from a customers/search engines point of view.

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