The visual oxymoron

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17 thoughts on “The visual oxymoron

  1. BoqueteGuy

    Bravo, John!

    As a subscriber to your magazine, I’m elated to see you advance to producing instructional videos and posting them to YouTube!

    You just busted through the stratosphere….

  2. bluejprojects

    John I love this video series. Lots of useful info packed in a quick, effective package. I sure hope you can reply to some of the comments. You show us how to ‘see’ the problems with the original — right on! The pillowy font solution is certainly valid, but what about taste? What if your dentist client didn’t like the font? I admit it says ‘dentist for babies’, and I’d bristle if it were my practice this was proposed for. How would you handle push back on the font choice?

  3. jhnsntmthy

    Maybe a light pink color of the heart-shape would keep the same connotation without the blood-correlation? It could be the gums surrounding the tooth, and nice pick (not inflamed or irritated) would work well in this context. This would have worked better as a refining.

    Don’t throw everything out instead of addressing the specific issues at hand. I liked the caring touching feeling the company started with. And even as it was, the handwritten is warmer to me than the pillowy sans-serif.

  4. one8is2zeros

    @jhnsntmthy I agree. While his criticism of the original logo was valid, the “better” logo is just plain awful. That is a poor choice of typeface and the colors are cliche. The most interesting part of the original logo, the heart/tooth, was completely sacrificed for no real legitimate reason.

  5. ellenfinkl

    Made sense when I first heard it but later I had 2nd thoughts. I thought the before design looked hand-written & that gave it a personal touch. & the heart/tooth powerfully extended that feeling of a person caring. In the end, I decided that the After version looked colder and more commercial. I think that you responded to the shape of the text, but I responded to the intended emotion. Would be interesting to test in some way & see what most people choose. After all, it’s designed to sell

  6. CaribouCam1

    More outstanding insight – nicely done and very helpful. A refreshing and valuable way to spend a few minutes on the web.

  7. emaccreative

    John, I’m a subscriber to your PDF’s and your books, but I have to say that I’m loving these short little videos you’re producing. They are quick and very helpful! Thanks for adding this to your “already great” product line!

  8. jhnsntmthy

    I can’t agree with you on this one John, your redesign smacks to me of Microsoft word-art. I do agree with your points about the sharpness of the letterforms and the counters, but there are too many Dental offices with AquaFresh colors, and the splash of Red in this logo doesn’t irritate because I see the heart first before the tooth.

  9. flyingsnow00

    that was a bad oxymoron indeed . emotionally devastating :o) not too good for dentist hours.
    Thank you for these small full-of-wisdom clips !

  10. Deano647

    John, you guys should be a case study for how to produce online video, not bad for a bunch of print guys ! The production values are excellent, (especially the sound) the editing is restrained and effective., the length is perfect. Very well done.

    Oh btw the content isn’t bad either 😉

  11. kennedymmb

    After all the years of receiving Before&After, first in hard copy, then on line, I am delighted to finally see and hear you “in person” and have access these wonderfully tidy, explicit videos on graphic design. Thank you!

  12. kmcarey22

    Omigosh, I love these videos! All work stops when we get the email announcing a new video. Keep ’em coming.

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