The new MDN wiki platform is coming soon!

Change is coming to the Mozilla Developer Network!

As you probably know, we’ve been using the MindTouch wiki software for several years now, and although it’s a nice package, it has not been a good fit for us. As I hope you also already know, we’ve been working for the last couple of years on a brand new replacement wiki, codenamed Kuma, to replace it.

The time for the switch to Kuma is nearly upon us! On or before July 15, we will throw the switch and have all users on the Kuma wiki platform.

Change can be a little scary, but this is a great thing for us. We will get stability, reliability, performance, and, over time, some kick-ass new features. As it stands, localizers should be pleased with a number of new tools they’ll get with Kuma.

The Kuma launch will happen on or before July 15. That’s not much time at all. We have some ongoing test projects for small groups, and we’ll be announcing tests for larger groups soon.

The important thing I want to get out there is that you’re going to see changes, and we don’t want you to be totally surprised! Future blog posts will share details about what to expect, but you can learn more from our basic Kuma documentation on MDN. It’s sketchy at the moment but I promise it will get better very soon!

Watch this space for further news and details. We’re all very excited about this project, and we think you’re going to love it.

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2 thoughts on “The new MDN wiki platform is coming soon!

  1. Waldir

    YAWN (Yet Another Wiki eNgine): NIH much?

    On a more serious tone: I’m tired of learning a new wiki syntax for every platform that wants to reinvent the wiki concept. I understand that MDN might have some specific needs that no wiki engine currently provide, but the least you could have done is to have mentioned a few benefits of Kuma vs. some of the most popular wiki engines, say, MediaWiki.

    Does it at least use Creole?

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