The Invisible Abacus

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5 thoughts on “The Invisible Abacus

  1. wkkc1988

    Hi, I understand how an abacus works and I can do all the calculation. When you’re doing it in your head? are you actually pictureing the abacus? How do you rememeber wehre all the beads are after every single move? especially in the 7 digits… there are like 30 bits and bosb to rememeber? Are there any tips?

  2. 999marge

    I have been teaching myself Anzan but still very slow after a year. Any suggestions? Shortcuts? also teaching my 10 & 6 yo boys.

  3. YEahsasdh

    How long did it take you to learn this? I want to learn it myself, but I am wondering how much time it took.

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